Judge Karen Crouch
Civil, Criminal & Family Law
Judge Karen Crouch

Judge Karen Crouch is a seasoned and respected arbitrator with nearly a quarter-century of broad-based legal expertise in civil, criminal and family law. With a well-rounded proficiency in courtroom management and mediation, she safeguards fairness and justice and assists the people in her community by exercising the judicial power of Bexar County. Judge Crouch has earned a reputation as a diligent, sociable and honest adjudicator who is committed to helping members of Bexar County, Texas to get involved, get informed, and get acquainted with her.


Judge Crouch has served as a judge for the past 16 years. She is the managing judge of the Courts in School Program. She has maintained the lowest criminal backlog during her tenure, while still hearing civil and family cases.  For her dedication, and demonstration of her vow to honorably serve her community, she was honored by the La Prensa Foundation, as she regularly organizes school programs and graffiti and neighborhood clean-ups. Because she is always ready to make things better for the people of Bexar, Judge Crouch works hard to remain abreast of trends and developments in her community. Her trustworthiness, warmth and dependability are all elements that help her to help others.


If you are interested in learning more about Judge Karen Crouch, please visit http://www.judgekarencrouch.com, or contact her.

Judge Karen Crouch
Respect for the Victim. Tough Justice for the Criminal.
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